Sourced from the best OG and Up-and-Coming Cultivators

The People’s Cannabis Product line coming soon

Will be available in Oregon, California, Arizona, Michigan, and Massachusetts

Limited Edition Strain

Cultivated by former legacy, now legal growers, in the BIPOC community who continue to be stewards of the cannabis plant. We offer you their A buds from craft small-batch limited strains and package them in limited edition jars. 


Landrace cannabis strains rich in terpenes sourced from OG and up-and-coming growers in our local area. These strains have been entrusted to the best of the best in our communities and The People’s Cannabis is humbled to bring this flower to market.

pre rolls

The industry calls them “Pre-Rolls” The People call them “JOINTS” – stemming from cannabis culture; the ease, convenience, and affordability of picking up a joint made its way into the regulated market and our national product line.

High & Mighty: Cannabis Brands Doing Good

Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle in Partnership with Represent Collaborative

De La Rosa and Caabay take the lessons they’ve learned while building their own successful business and share them with others facing the same challenges. As a part of their work, they advise other brands in the industry, all of whom are women or BIPOC-owned brands. Caabay believes consumers can contribute to this work by shopping with their own values in mind. … The People’s Cannabis, which will include flower, pre-rolls and gummies, will be launching soon in California, Oregon, Arizona, Michigan and Massachusetts, and will come in sustainable cannabis packaging from Sana Packaging, made using 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean plastic, and other sustainable materials.

The People's Cannabis

Photo by Maren Caruso

Teaming Up with Local Artists

We celebrate the significance and resilience of our people year-round by partnering with local artists of color to design our limited edition strain packaging. In these partnerships, artists will receive 5% royalties on sales.

Angela Wong —
Director of creative initiatives

“Cannabis Can heal and calm our bodies in many ways. by breaking down the stigmaS, we can increase cannabis awareness and access for those who can benefit and heal through this medicine. Let’s work together to create a narrative that normalizes, elevates and celebrates cannabis.

Angela Wong

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