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Meet @thepeoples.ecosystem mascot @konagrillz giving centerfold cuteness. #dogsofinstagram #thepeoplesecosystem #mascot
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See our CEO in a couple of weeks, when she sits down with Joshua David Rubin of Day Three Labs and they get down in the real, real about the future of the global infused product market. Don’t miss their chat at Cannabis Salud!
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Our @batchextracts unboxing with artwork from @favianna1 . Thank you to everyone who worked on this project! #latinosincannabis #cannabis #cannabiscommunity
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Are you BOLD? Learn more about how our CEO, @mizchris got started in the industry. Her journey as a Latina and her goals for the industry. Link in bio.

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Today is THE DAY!!!!! Our collaboration with Bud & Mary’s in Colorado has officially arrived. This partnership celebrates the impact that two Latino founders (Albert Gutierrez of Bud & Mary’s and Christine De La Rosa M.A. of The People’s Ecosystem ) can make. Bud & Mary’s created a limited edition Manzana-Banana vape cart under their BATCH brand for Cinco de Mayo with artwork by one of our favorite artists based in Oakland and a great supporter of The People’s, world renowned artist Favianna Rodriguez. After selling out pre-orders (whut, whut?) of this dope vape in under 24 hrs, the limited edition BATCH vape is now available in over 75 dispensaries across Colorado RIGHT NOW. For more information on where to snag this limited edition in Colorado link in bio

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Making an impact to improve equity in cannabis policies

We are following developments, analyzing language and fighting for the inclusion of equitable policies, in theory and practice, for individuals and communities that are disproportionately harmed due to the war on drugs (or cannabis prohibition).