The People's Ecosystem

Empowering Communities Through Cannabis from Legacy to Legends


We Are Building With The People Through Multiple Cannabis Channels

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The Gold Standard of THC/CBD and related products equitably sourced from Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and socially equitable businesses.

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Delivering to our communities from legacy to legends. Now open for delivery in Oakland and Fresno, California.  

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Cultivating sustainable growth that secures our supply chain and includes opportunities for social equity and micro-business licenses.

The People's Wellness

A complete line of CBD and CBx products. Ensuring the people’s total well-being is at the center of our business and community engagement.

The People's Accelerator Logo

Onboarding and partnering with some of the best legacy operators and new founders to assist in accelerating their business to legendary status.

Making an impact to improve equity in cannabis policies

We are following developments, analyzing language and fighting for the inclusion of equitable policies, in theory and practice, for individuals and communities that are disproportionately harmed due to the war on drugs (or cannabis prohibition).

Take the People’s Pledge

You are invited to stand with us and our equity model that prioritize business opportunities for BIPOC, women, immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated people and veterans who have built cannabis culture and industry.

Follow the People

Sharing our journey aND celebrating cannabis culture

Who are your people? Friends, family, business partners and co-founders of The People’s Ecosystem, Chief Innovation Officer, Charleen Caabay and CEO, Christine De La Rosa. Find your People.

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Truth is truth, no matter how much I see the industry try to pretend it is otherwise.

"The sum of the legacy market is equal to the barriers of entry into the regulated market."
Melanie Davis
COO, The People's Ecosystem

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Beverages are going to be BIG in 2022. don't believe us, spend a minute with @vertosainc very own Austin Stevenson who breaks it down with The People Are Blunt. Stay blunted y'all! 

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We are officially on holiday, but before we go we want to wish you and your people a safe and Happy Holidaze from us. May you bring your most thoughtful intentions for good, kindness, and justice into the New Year.

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Check out our Chief Innovation Officer, Chef Charleen Caabay talking about her delicious infused dishes.  Check out her story on how she started her cannabis culinary journey.  And if you EVER have a chance to eat her cooking don't miss out!⠀
Link in Bio⠀
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