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Hey, hey good people! In the first season of The People Are Blunt we interviewed, laughed and learned on 74 podcasts. Whew! This week we are starting Season 2 of The People Are Blunt and we are going for 💯 . We got a refresh, we got some gems and we got REAL TALK, check out our new intro and peep this week’s guests below. Head over to the tube and subscribe so you never miss an episode!

Stay blunt, people.

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Whether you’re founder in the plant medicine industry or founder in any other industry, we should be looking toward collective capital raising where we create a lot of value with multiple companies to create better investments for investors, especially new investors just joining the investment community. #founder #founders #investment #collectivecapital #ceo #womenfounders
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All day, every day we face this as founders of industry, but most especially plant medicine founders. Keep going 🚂 #thepeoplesecosystem #founders #plantmedicine #femalefounders
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The dr*gs are working #trending #lifestyle #funny
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The People’s Ecosystem is honored to be included in the 
MGO (Macias Gini & O’Connell LLP)  Cannabis 50 List: Impactful Companies, Organizations And Individuals In The Last 5 Years. Thank you to our entire tight-knit team who makes this dream work. Special thanks for the shoutout for The People Are Blunt hosted by Frederika M. Easley! For a list of all 50 and to download the full report go here:

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We are following developments, analyzing language and fighting for the inclusion of equitable policies, in theory and practice, for individuals and communities that are disproportionately harmed due to the war on drugs (or cannabis prohibition).