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Empowering Communities Through Cannabis from Legacy to Legends

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We are reclaiming our ancestral alchemy and medicine to provide the people with fairly-traded flower and diamond & hashish infused products sourced from women and BIPOC cultivators.

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We Are Building With The People Through Multiple Cannabis Channels

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The Gold Standard of THC/CBD and related products equitably sourced from Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and socially equitable businesses.

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Delivering to our communities from legacy to legends. Now open for delivery in Oakland and Fresno, California.  

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Cultivating sustainable growth that secures our supply chain and includes opportunities for social equity and micro-business licenses.

The People's Wellness

A complete line of CBD and CBx products. Ensuring the people’s total well-being is at the center of our business and community engagement.

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Onboarding and partnering with some of the best legacy operators and new founders to assist in accelerating their business to legendary status.

Making an impact to improve equity in cannabis policies

We are following developments, analyzing language and fighting for the inclusion of equitable policies, in theory and practice, for individuals and communities that are disproportionately harmed due to the war on drugs (or cannabis prohibition).

Take the People’s Pledge

You are invited to stand with us and our equity model that prioritize business opportunities for BIPOC, women, immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated people and veterans who have built cannabis culture and industry.

Follow the People

Sharing our journey aND celebrating cannabis culture

What would it take to make NY Social Equity a reality?  Making a few changes to the current state of cannabis would drastically improve investors' ability to invest in social equity.  Read one investor's perspective. Link in Bio.

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Our Director of Strategic Initiatives uniquely understands the issue of not having banking from both an advocate's perspective and operator's perspective because she has been part of the Ecosystem since the beginning and has seen first hand how small business  has suffered from not having the banking we need.  Link in BIO.
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Our CEO and co-founder @mizchris was featured in this issue of @mjbizdaily MJ Biz Magazine. When asked how the People’s Ecosystem managed to have eight out of nine executives be people of color her answer was simple "by not doing anything that most of the hiring companies would tell you to do because they are not built to look at the promise, the expectation and the beauty of women of color or people of color”

It is time for cannabis companies to be creative in how they think about hiring especially as Gen Z and Gen Alpha join the workforce over the next few years.

We are proud of the company co-founders @chefcharleen and @mizchris built with all of the intentions and expectations of our ancestors.

Our company is majority BIPOC women-owned. Our makeup is

25% MALE

Check out the article link in bio.

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