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The People’s Farm acquired a 45 acre parcel in the heart of New Mexico!

The People’s Farm – Phase 1

The People’s Ecosystem (TPE) has partnered with Box4Grow to reduce barriers to entry for social equity and micro business applicants and licence holders. We are already breaking ground in New Mexico where we will be piloting this project at The People’s Farm allowing producers to secure their supply chain and increase profitability.

Additionally, The People’s Ecosystem in partnership with Box4Grow are deploying their indoor production facility of the future to our TPE partners in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California. These cannabis grow box options provide the ability to build a uniquely scalable operation that sustainably fits any grower’s specifications and keeps our grow footprint to a minimum while still maintaining high quality yields.

The Vision: Using regenerative farming practices from the ground up.

New Mexico Farmland

The Land: 45 Acres in the heart of New Mexico.

The People’s Farm is Dedicated to Healing

We prioritize business opportunities for Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), women, immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated people and veterans.

Cultivating Sustainable And Scalable Growth

By securing our supply chain and including accelerated opportunities for social equality and micro business licenses by design.

The People’s Accelerator Program

Each qualified social equity or micro business license holder may be invited to participate to root their cannabis business in long-term success. 
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Melanie Davis —
COO & Director of Managed Services

First, we must recognize our nation’s first people, who along with their lands, were harmed—through the many wars fought in this area for its vital salts, waters, trade routes, temperate climate, agriculture and wild game. The People’s Farm is committed to restoring balance with the environment and its people.”

Melanie Davis COO The People's Ecosystem