Reconnecting the Cannabis Plant and its ancestral medicine to The People


Our people risked it all to bring cannabis medicine to the masses. In acknowledgement of their sacrifice, and to work in partnership for a better tomorrow, we ask that you join us in taking this pledge.

Say it with us!

We are rooted

in the foundation of cannabis culture and its rich, diverse history; using this as our guide for social and equitable inclusion of both new, legacy, and ancillary business growth.

We Educate

on our shared responsibility in sustainable, socially equitable, and inclusive business practices that directly affect and improve community environments of those most impacted by prohibition and the drug war era.

We Invest

and engage others to invest in the restorative healing process to bring into balance the abundance of this plant with the people.

We Shape + Foster

a purpose-driven, values-based culture stemming from the legacy markets of cannabis culture, and the harm that was caused by prohibition and “The War on Drugs”.

We Thrive

on a symbiotic culture based on the centuries long understanding of this plant, our relationship to, the many generations of people who have taught us, science, and data.

We Recognize

cannabis culture as the structure in the regulated industry and place this culture at the center value of all we do.

Working with Artists

The People’s Cannabis Limited Edition 4 gram jars of The People’s Moon Rocks and The People’s Limited Edition Strains will be used to highlight our artist collaborations — showcasing the work of our BIPOC communities!

The People’s Cannabis pays a 5% royalty to the artists for each jar sold. In exchange for granting The People’s Cannabis usage rights, royalties allow our artists to earn passive income and benefit from the beauty they have created for a longer period of time.

For The People’s Cannabis, it helps us enhance the aesthetic of our products, connect with communities, and pay homage to the legacy of cannabis culture.

10% to local communities

The People’s Dispensary believes in the power of cannabis to help transform communities who’ve been harmed by historical criminalization, especially Black communities. We believe the Cannabis Industry has a responsibility and ability to proactively reinvest profits back into Black communities and those that have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs, particularly where they do business.

Community Advisors

We consider the movement to legalize and decriminalize cannabis a collective issue. We know legislative language is shared from state to state so it is of the utmost importance that efforts to correct known failures and influence more equitable language are supported. We are partnered with community leaders in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois and New York in advocacy efforts to demand what is owed.

Restorative Farming and Indigenous Lands

We cannot tend land without acknowledging its stewards. Since the first contact, colonization has almost destroyed the opportunity to best understand our natural environments and our symbiotic relationship to it through the expertise of our nation’s first people. They were the original authors and implementers of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles keeping the relationship between people and earth in balance. For decades, mother earth and her resources have been exploited. However, we are in the midst of a resurgence of interest in environmentally sound and sustainable practices and an acceptance of plants as medicine.

The People’s Gifting Fund

We believe that our community deserves accessible medicine whether they are medically or self diagnosed.

Our veterans are in need. Communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the enforcement of cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs are hurting. Medical patients are dealing with burdensome costs.

To provide more access, we will work closely with our industry partners to define ways to provide affordable medicine and establish programs for donations or a percentage of sales to local organizations that commit to directly gifting those in need.

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