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To all our fellow entrepreneurs, we see you. Your words and ideas can and do change the world. #plantmedicine #thepeoplesecosystem #founders #entrepreneur #smallbusiness
To all small business owners, we see 👁️ you, we feel you, and more importantly we SCREAM 😱 with you. #thepeoplesecosystem #smallbusiness #founders #femalefounders #entrepreneur
Sunday night but but if you’re a small business owner, this is how it feels every day. Shout out to  the small business owners making it happen. #plantmedicine #smallbusiness #founders #entrepreneurlife
Congratulations to our CEO @mizchris for joining the board of @slumbercbn #sleep #sleepaid #boardmember #slumbercbn #plantmedicine
It ain’t easy being in this industry, just when you think you get momentum you get knocked right off your seat. But we are smarter now than we were 10 years ago. Let’s get involved and make sure our voices are heard as the rescheduling and farm bill regulations are getting put together. We cannot let other people dictate the future of our industry.  #thepeoplesecosystem #farmbill #rescheduling #plantmedicine


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Diverse Executive Teams Outperform Less Diverse Teams

We know how important it is to have diverse teams lead because we are what we have been looking for. Centering women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled and veteran communities is the cornerstone that is imperative to building the cannabis industry we want to see and will prove to exponentially increase the profitability of our industry.

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