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On September 25th, The People’s Ecosystem will proudly release The People’s Gummies! We’ve partnered with the new patented cannabis delivery technology, Unlokt™, to bring you the edibles of the future, today. This novel, clean delivery of cannabis to the human body uses only two ingredients, protein, and cannabis, making it the 1st pharmaceutical-grade cannabis in the U.S. The People’s Gummies will be the first brand in California to use this revolutionary edible industry disruptor.

New edible. New ingredient. New Era in Cannabis.

Our first offering, The People’s Gummies Passion Fruit! Using the proprietary ingredient Unlokt™ and strain-specific PB Soufflé live resin, we bring you a beautiful fast-acting Passion Fruit Gummy to unlock your creative, social qualities.

The ability to truly center cannabinoids and terpenes (which are not destroyed in the stomach) using this delivery system gives us unprecedented accuracy. It allows us to create products for all types of needs. We are using the full spectrum of the plant and the body’s natural process. This creates bioavailability of almost 50%. The body’s natural digestive process protects the cannabis from the liver and releases it into the bloodstream making it naturally fast-acting.

Our first product is a social gummy (anti-anxiety gummy). Forthcoming formulations will be created with the following in mind, restful sleep, anti-depression, inflammation, and pain relief to name a few. Stay tuned!

As a chronically ill person myself, I have been looking for the ability to create clean and sound edibles to the largest market in the country, California. Time and time again, I have been disappointed at what was available to us to create the products we wanted to see in the market. Partnering with Unlokt™ allows us to bring the most cutting-edge product to market, serving both recreational and medical markets. We are ready to bring this product to our market in California and beyond.” said CEO Christine De La Rosa.

Toci Treats uses a patented technology, Unlokt™, which protects terpenes and cannabinoids from getting destroyed by stomach acids. This alleviates the need for additional additives to curate the experience. The euphoric feeling is driven solely by the terpenes and cannabinoids of cannabis. This is the first edible of its kind in the California Market and only the 2nd in the United States.

Toci Treats uses Unlokt™ shuttles the cannabis directly into your bloodstream, making it extremely fast-acting in an all-natural way. When ingesting any other dosed edible, the terpenes and cannabinoids get destroyed by the acidity in our stomach, therefore additional additives are needed to create “an experience”. Toci Treats doesn’t need additional additives to create “our experience”.

Toci Treats with Unlokt™ works with the naturally occurring process in the body, protecting the cannabis from the liver, so it doesn’t get metabolized. When cannabis gets metabolized in our liver, 11 hydroxy is released. 11 hydroxy isn’t naturally found in cannabis. It’s a byproduct of the metabolism process. This natural process creates an effervescent high like no other edible in the market.

Charleen Caabay
Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

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